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Marboh Idea design is the advisory firm that I've directed from 2011 to 2014. On this period, we generated dozens of innovative projects through the union of creativity and strategy thereby creating exciting and sustainable business opportunities for companies.

Based on the experience of directing several projects in my last design company, Marboh ID, I developed a design thinking approach called Idea Design.
This methodology,
beyond bringing creative solutions to solve problems, uses creative intelligence to turn bold ideas into valuable innovative projects.


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The STAND UP is an easy and eco friendly stand for laptops.

It lifts the screen to the eyes level improving the good posture and making the daily life more comfortable.
The idea came from a real necessity of the laptop users.
It differentiates itself from similar products because it is much cheaper, lighter, easy to use and to transport.

The STAND UP was prototyped and tested with many users and they loved.
Very soon the product will be available in the market.

MARBOH ID PROJECTS  / 2012 - 2014


Recent surveys show an increase in the index of UV emissions which results in increased number of skin cancer cases. 

In the last 2 years, the sun protection clothing market grew 90%. 

Therefore, we developed a more practical and simple product to enjoy sunny days without worrying about the harmful effects of the sun. 

The Sombrella hat has sun protection factor 50+ which corresponds to 99.9% protection to UVA and UVB rays. Also the Sombrella has a practical open-close system that makes it super compact and easy to store and carry along anywhere.


Attentive to the wellness market we have developed a completely new product and a new consumer experience. Dellix is an effervescent tablet with natural extracts and soothing effect. Perfect for drinking at any time just by placing the drop in a glass or bottle of water. 


The advancement of social networks has created new ways of relating that expand the interaction. On-bar is the evolution of chat sites that create a new and much more intense experience. 

Wine Ladies

The Marboh ID has developed for Ibravin, the body that represents the Brazilian Wine market, a marketing and relationship strategy focused on the female audience. Wine Ladies empowers women towards discovering and enjoying the world of wine.

G Make-up

There is a large market in Brazil that, despite its purchasing power and business potential is not attended: the gay audience.

The cosmetics market in particular is a great opportunity because there are no products for these consumers.

So the ID Marboh developed for an important lab the G Make-up, a full concept for a makeup collection focused on the gay community: name, logo, product and communication identity.


La Fontaine

Commemorating 30 years of the most important and charming Mall of the Porto Alegre City, whose symbol it's a water clock, the Marboh ID developed the concept of a new area for a unique and remarkable experience to the consumer. 


La Fontaine is a space dedicated to water and time. It will be a symbol of Iguatemi's brand style for decades to come and will represent the best wishes for the future.

Tv Programs

Zeppelin film producer needed new TV show projects, so Marboh ID has created 5 new: 

Road Rock Band - a rock band of girls faces its first tour to earn the right to record an album. 

New Scientists - in Brazil there are thousands of science projects created by irreverent young scientists. This show unveils the world of science with great good humor. 

Botecagem - Brazil is famous for its culture of pubs. In this series they face with other in a competition for the best snacks and drinks to earn the title of best pub of the country.

So-fa-bulous - Inspired by Coach-net surfing this reality show will explore the tourism capital of Brazil from the perspective of gay. 

Revolution in Me - Brazilian who went to India in search of his guru is the theme of this exciting series. 

Ladies on Wine - part 3 girls with their backpacks on a quest to unravel the most famous wineries in Chile.

Orchestras City Tour

It's been years that the Symphony Orchestra of the CITY of Porto Alegre looks forward to building its own theater. To approximate the orchestra of the population we've developed the design of a mobile stage that can go to places that have never had access to classical music.

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I am always exercising the sistemic view in order to get new insights that has potential to become a freshnewidea.
These are some ideas that we already started the idea design process.

Games of old age

The population of elderly people is increasing. 

With too much free time these people have to deal with the limitation of activities that age imposes. Video games are an excellent opportunity to generate exciting activities for both the body and the mind. 

However the gaming market has not yet developed products specifically for this audience. Do you wanna try?

Full Coat Suit

Who needs to go biking on rainy days knows how much it can be boring. 

You certainly will get wet! 

I've been looking for something better than a rain cover but it seems that has not been done. 

And if there was a complete protective clothing really effective and easy to use?

Let's create it?

Remote Living Unitys

Would not it be nice being able to leave on a mini adventure and spend a few days at some unusual place without bothering with all the necessary infrastructure for camping? 

I'm thinking of a rental system of a complete mini housing unit such as hotels cell in Japan, but in the midst of nature. 

That would be awesome?


/ 2002


It was created based on the habit of girls placing jackets tied at the waist to cover the butt. This fashion accessory was presented to various companies which, at that time, showed no interest. Nowadays the product became fashionable and can be found in large department stores such as C&A.

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