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1. Thinking about your expertise and knowledge, what you would like to share with the DesignAffairs team to make them smile?


Taking a step ahead I began to think that I was already working for DesignAffairs. 

Many ideas started to poping up.

Here I present briefly 3 sketches.

I would invite the team to a non-workshop of nadism.

Nadism is a social project I created in 2006 to develop the culture of enjoying moments of pause and disconection to do nothing in order to promote balance for a good living. I think it can be inspiring.

More information at:

2. Imagine a innovative product that can reveal a new market for one of our clients and at the same time promoting social benefits.


I saw a opportunity for developing a product for Sony (Entertainment Network).



- the post at DesignAffair Blog: "Microsoft’s ideas for interaction design in 5 to 10 years";

- the focus on the user experience from the User Interface Lab;

- the project EduMap at Studio DesignAffairs;

- a simple technology called "Interface on any surface" that can turn physics spaces into a sensitive touch screen. (no need of Oculus or HoloLens)




There are thousands of apps for kids and is normal to see them stuck in ipads for hours just moving a finger.

This is not healthy, children must move, explore and learn by playing.



Create a device to add on the videogame platforms which expands the possibility of playing digital games in the real world (sidewalks, walls, the living room floor, etc) where people / children can play moving and touching things physically.

PLUS: Develop a new serie of SENSITIVE SURFACES GAMES.


3. Give an example of human centered approach.


To put this girl in the center of attention for hosting the company in a more personal way.

BONUS QUESTION - What would make you happy living in Germany?


The dream's scenario is to have the pleasure of seeing many ideas turning into beautiful realizations and the celebration of it with more new friends. :) 

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