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Many design stuff also came out from, the design bureau that I started with my partner. Because it is based in the Impact Hub, a formidable co-working space in Munich, we have been able to contribute to the growth of the new companies and startups that are also based at Hub by designing their identities.

Another great recent accomplishment is the creation of the, a project developed from the sketch to the final product and the shop. Last but not least, my most recent and bold project, a socioeconomic platform based on neuroscience and blockchain.


Nevertheless, I keep my eyes open for opportunities to join the team of some great company driven by design and innovation.


Creating is my higher skill. I have done it intensively for over 18 years, working in various areas of design, such as product, experience, fashion, web, graphics, and urban mobility which led me to develop a deep understanding of the design thinking processes.


My constant dedication to these enterprises, performing many innovative ideas, such as the Nadism Club, a movement that promotes quality of life, counting with members in more than 7 countries, has brought positive results for businesses and society. This trajectory of learning led me to found Marboh Idea Design, a company driven by strategic design that I've been directing over 5 years, a period in which also I've taught Design Thinking at some great universities in southern Brazil.


In this sense, a feature that has proved important in my career is the ability to find the nexus in complex scenarios aligning ideas with people and with the market, as well as formulating objective strategies to achieve goals, doing project management and leading teams.


I like to get involved in various other activities such as Zen Buddhism, cooking, sailing, gardening, surf, etc. I have also a special taste for aikido, the martial art of harmony, which I've been practicing for the past 16 years and which gave me a good sensitivity for harmony.


I hope soon we can get together to take a coffee, or green tea, what I really appreciate, and chat about nice ideas.


If you got interested, please check my references on the ENDORSEMENTS page and download my resume.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Best regards,
Marcelo Bohrer

Hello, I'm glad you came to meet me!

marcelo bohrer design for innovation

After many years working as a designer in Brazil I decided that the time has come to broaden my horizons and to contribute with my experience, professional skills and creative ability in the creation of a wide and positive impact abroad.

The starting point was Munich, Germany in October of 2014.


Since then, I had the opportunity to do many exciting jobs, such as the art direction of two Audi digital films (2015), being the winner of the SWM design contest for the Munich’s water bottle and designing an event structure for BMW Foundation .


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