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My mobility projects

Marboh ID developed the project to improve the urban mobility systematically. We connect the players : the City Hall, Traffic Depto., Chamber of Commerce, Cyclist Associations, shop owners, etc to design organic solutions such as the Bike Friendly Guide that connects citizens, drivers, bikers and shops, and an iconic bike rack to be installed throughout the city. The actions helped to spread useful information about education and traffic safety, and made the city more bike friendly.

In Brazil, more and more people are swapping cars for bikes, a practical alternative, faster, economical, healthy and above all, socially and ecologically friendly. Riding a bike has also become a kind of "cool status". It is just a reflex of a trend that grows every day worldwide.

However, cycling in Brazil is not safe, traffic is hostile and bicycle thefts are common. Particularly, the lack of bike racks prevents cyclists to go shopping, study, work or simply stroll. This is actually a problem! 


In order to make cities better for cyclists, Marboh ID developed fully integrated solutions. Check it!


POA BIKES is a campaign which promotes the traffic education and the installation of bike racks in the city of Porto Alegre (Poa), capital in southern Brazil.

For that we received the Strategic Design Award 2014 / RS.



Download//  Bike Friendly Guide

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 Winner of the


Category/ strategic design



Winners//  Bornancini Award 2014

 Street action to promote the POA BIKES campaign.

CARBIKE was created by Marboh ID as an action to call attention to POA BIKES campaign and to highlights the cycling benefits as a transportation model.


As well as the importance of the approbation of the law that directs 20% of fines to investments on traffic education and building bike lanes.

We ran the CARBIKE through the city hotspots calling the attention of drivers and citizens who got the chance to drive it too.

Watch the video//  carbike action

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Cycling is a great fun. Riding with friends is even better! 

So the MarbohID ​​created an unprecedented event, a great light party on wheels. Fluorbikes is a nocturnal bike ride in which each participant gets a kit of LED lights to decorate their bike. Sound cars with DJs, dance floor lights, lasers etc keep animating all the path that ends with a fireworks show.


Fluorbikes is an event that provides excellent positive feedback to the sponsoring marks and at the same time promotes the culture of the bicycle.


Login// marboh

Password// fluor

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To present a distinguished product for the bike parking growing demand, Marboh ID developed the Spin, a bike rack model that, in addition to standing out by its unique design and presenting important technical solutions, adds the outer media function which enhances its use by the area for sponsoring.

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