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Some of them were created for clients, some as employee of design companies and

some I developed as an entrepreneur, from the concept to the market.


MARCELO BOHRER ID PROJECTS  / 2015 - 2018  Germany

The STAND UP is an easy and eco-friendly stand for laptops.

It lifts the screen to the eyes level improving the good posture and making the daily life more comfortable.
The idea came from a real necessity of the laptop users.
It differentiates itself from similar products because it is much cheaper, lighter, easy to use and to transport. And, of course, very sustainable!

The STAND UP was prototyped and tested with many users and they loved.
The product is already available to buy online and soon in the shops.


Winner of the SWM Water Bottle design contest 2015

In 2015 I designed the winner bottle of the Munich SWM design contest.

Inspired by the murals of the famous Dutch artist M.C. Escher, the design shows the Bayern-Flagge pattern turning into drops of pure water that receive the blessing of the monk in the Münchner Wappen.
SWM aims to inspire people to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles and the money collected with its selling is forwarded to a refugee assistance project.

CREATIONS  / 2002 - 2013
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/ 2013

The Marboh ID has developed a notebooks collection which has achieved great results for the brand Credeal, the largest company in the office supplement sector in Brazil.
The challenge was to create the first notebooks collection with gay-themed with sensibility and good humor.

"Toda Forma de Amor" means "All the ways of Loving". The notebooks can be combined in different ways to kiss each other.


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/ 2012


Created for a Visa Credit Card television campaign, EYE SCREEN is a sunglasses with unique and highly fashionable drawing.

The exclusive and limited collection was a hit. 

I would like to give one of these to Lady Gaga. If you have her contact, please tell me. ;)

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/ 2007

In 2007, Brazil had not yet started to use reusable shopping bags. In order to promote this habit, we created the I Love Eco Bag campaign. It has had the participation of over 15 companies. Besides the attractive design, the eco bag was selling the idea of environmental and social responsibility because it was made with organic certificated cotton. Plus, it was produced by a cooperative which gives support to poor women for whom part of the income was reversed.
This project had Jorge Melo, an expert in ecologic solution as the co-founder.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could see the pumping beat of the music?

Unfortunately, this conceptual project wasn't accepted by Philips.

/ 2007


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/ 2006


Recently in Brazil, the practice of meditation has become something trendy. To make it true, in 2006 I created a project called "Evolving Meditating" which shared useful information by an internet portal. To facilitate the practice of meditation, I designed the Sentazen stool which possessed an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to sit in the correct posture. Moreover, it is equipped with a system that allows disassembling and saving it in a small pack in order to take anywhere.

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/ 2005


In the years I've worked as a senior designer for Imaginarium Co. (a network of Homeware and Gifts with over 120 stores in Brazil) I had the opportunity to create a hundred nice products such as: lamps, home furnishings, wine racks, chopping boards, candlesticks, decorative items etc. With the Caracol backpack I won first place in Design Award Catarina / SC - BRAZIL. 



Brazil is going through a difficult time. The economy, health and education are in crisis and the responsible are the corrupt government which has been incompetent in managing the country. In 2012, the population took the streets demanding change but nothing was done. The Brazilian democracy has fail.

Unbra is a new democratic paradigm, it is a plan for a new government system based on social participation through social networks. For a new future we need to think a new system. Unbra is the Democracy 2.0.


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