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Listen to what people have to say about me.



Executive and consultant of Brazilian major corporations, PhD in Communication and International Speaker, Professor.

"Marcelo Bohrer is always one step ahead of our time. He is surely one of the most innovative people I know. The world is full of creative people, but the brilliant Marcelo Bohrer creates products and services that, unlike many creative delusions that we see every day, are feasible ideas, necessary, from easy production and mainly equipped with a superior design.

But his greatest work, arguably, is the Nadism."


Director of Postgraduate Studies and Extension at ESPM 

(The Superior School of Marketing and Advertising - Brazil)

"Marcelo is a distinguished professional. His ability and skill to analyze social behavior and to translate it into innovative and creative solutions is fantastic. I had the opportunity to mingle with Marcelo as his teacher of Graduate Studies and later as a teacher of creativity of my ESPM team.

He stands out for his professionalism, competence, knowledge and intellectual humbleness that has both in student position as well as a teacher.

He is always open to collaborate and contribute to the development of all."


Director of Coach Consulting Human Development.

Master Coach by the Institute of Leadership and Management /London.

"The most prominent point on Marcelo's competences is obviously the creative potential he has. 

Marcelo does not create just ideas, but he can see how to apply them in the current context in order to generate value, which for me is the basis to make good innovation. 

However, these points are "common sense" when mentioning Marcelo's work. What is not so obvious to people/customers who have contact with their projects is the capacity of organization and management that he employs in his activities. This is a very high attribute if we compare to other creative professionals. 

Finally, there is a backdrop in Marcelo's actions, at least those I followed, which is the search for absorbing information related to business management. Certainly, this is very important for those who are looking for a consolidated company's market appeal."


Director of Happy House Brasil - The n° 1 endomarketing agency of Brazil

"When I think of creative ability, one of the first professionals that come to mind is  Marcelo Bohrer. 

An example of one who breathes creativity and knows how to share it. Someone who is worthwhile to talk. Someone that makes us think, plan, to want more ... 

I always say Marcelo is, for me, an "object of desire". Because I would love to have him in our team, if he had not moved to Germany."


Studio for design and education. 

"Marcelo Bohrer is like a grenade loaded with great ideas. If you pull the pin, the whole environment will be full filled and contamined by his enthusiasm and ability to establish connexion among things. But, perhaps this quality is almost invisible when you realize that, beyond thinking, he acts and materializes somehow he had thought.

Bohrer is bold and restless, full of attitude to take their creative ideas of the paper.

When we work together on a project for a museum that would tell the story of a large truck manufacturer in Brazil, his ideas guided the development of the whole concept of the museum, which would be a benchmark in sensory experience for everybody who visited it.

Anyway, Bohrer is a designer that I think makes the difference in any project and who we would like to have always around.

Long life, Bohrer."


Director of Perestroika, a Brazilian school of creative activities.

Educator. Entrepreneur. Futuristic at Singularity School.

"Marcelo Bohrer is a guy with true creative dna and who has a tireless energy in the achievement of transformative ideas. 

Over the time I've known him I saw several of his innovative initiatives bringing positive contributions to business and to society. 

Such as Nadism Club, POA BIKES, Teenage Dream Project, I Love Eco Bag etc.

Believe in Marcelo, he can change your life!"


Director of Bendito Design - Agency of the year 2006, 7, 8, 9 and 10

Colunist Award Brazil - RS

"I've known Marcelo for a long time and his courage to dare and innovate always have impressed me.

I admire his ability of pursuing ideas "without the fear of being happy"!"


Consultant UNDP / Unesco at MinC (The National Culture Dept.)

"The main feature of the work of Marcelo is the visionary aspect that explores latent conceptual issues of a changing society and offers extremely creative and innovative solutions to these issues."


Canadian journalist , author of the bestseller "Slow"

"I love his Nadism idea. It is so simple but at the same time really profound."

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