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Developed in 1998 as a glimpse of the future, CYBERORGANIC is a design concept I created to represent the harmonic fusion between technological systems with biological systems. 

As a design approach, it was expressed by ecological and sustainable solutions which aesthetic appearance is inspired by organic, smooth and articulate structures.


This proposal has formed the basis for numerous creations of mine at that time.

I also presented lectures and consultings on the Cyberorganic Design model which led me to receive the prize Winning Ideas from FIERGS / AJE in 2001.

Designing style and behavior

Nowadays it is possible to see how the concept evolved to become a major global trend with several expressions.



"Be ready to the future"
"Nature and technology will work together as an one force."



Visgo was a fashion company I started in 1998 at my time at college, with the objective of carrying a wide range of cyberorganic creations.

The great result opened the way for me to be invited to become part of the HOTSPOT, the new talents group of São Paulo Fashion Week's and to a partnership with big companies such as Grendene, Mormaii and Diadora on products developing.

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This was a very new idea for glasses. I developed product concept and design, production technology and a system of the customization of glasses with international sales by the e-store. We sell also to Germany and Japan.


The glasses were made by a special kind of silicone and shaped particularly for the consumer. Fluorescent colors were available.

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/ 1999


To present the cyberorganic idea of fashion trend up to come we developed a virtual fashion show concept which was absolutely unprecedented for that time. So the consumers would be able to choose the clothes they preferred before that we produced it.


The first collection was presented on the Porto Alegre City's planetarium dome and had a huge repercussion.


The last, in 2003, presented the winter collection 2007 anticipating in 4 years significatives trends that came to life. 

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The first virtual fashion shows

/ 2000

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