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NADISM - the art of enjoying moments doing nothing

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Nadism is my social project to improve wellness. 
Nadism Club is an international movement that helps people to pause, disconnect, and enjoying doing nothing in order to rebalance their life rhythm.  
Thus, by literally doing nothing, we reduce our impact on the planet contributing to a better living and a better world.

A burnout from overwork led me to investigate the symptoms of the overloaded world / hurry-sickness culture and the reasons why we keep setting an increasingly fast pace of life, even feeling that we are getting more and more stressed.

As a result, I founded the Nadism Club in 2006, a nonprofit organization that brought together thousands of members in more than 7 countries.

Currently, I organize Nadism events in Munich, Germany where I live.

"I love Nadismo idea." Carl Honoré - Canadian journalist , author of the bestseller " Slow"

"Doing nothing is the ultimate wisdom in modern philosophy of life."
                              Club's member: João Carmo - 38 years / Belo Horizonte - Brazil

Discovery Nadism Club at and on Facebook. Site Nadismo Brasil

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More than 100 public events in Brazil! 
The first Nadism international meeting was held in the Central Park, NYC in 2009.

In 2013 the Nadism book second edition was lauched. Also the e-books in portuguese and english.

In 2014 the App Time of Nadism was lauched at Apple Store.

Is absolutly FREE//  to become a member / participate of the events / donwload the e-book and the App 

Nadism concept through images//

Nadism has been wide covered by the press//

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