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marcelo bohrer design for innovation


It is a pleasure for me to share my experience and knowledge on both subjects I like the most: design thinking and wellness.

In recent years, in addition to the lectures, I also worked as a professor of design thinking at the Universities of ESPM and UCPEL and the Teenage Dream Project.



It presents a design thinking model that rather than searching for problems to be solved, focuses on turning dreams into valuable innovation. (Based on the ESPM's design thinking course and on the expertise leading Marboh ID projects)

NADISM - the healthy time management

It presents the concept that resignifies the "time is money" mindset by reconnecting people with the pleasure and value of enjoying free time for doing nothing. 

(Based on the experience coordinating Nadism Club's movement)

Anchor 12

TDP - Teenage Dream Project

The students who are completing high school have trouble choosing their career path. Furthermore, the current working scenario offers numerous new opportunities to undertake innovative businesses. 


Therefore, to help them to see new possibilities I developed TDP, a free course for students in public schools, based on the strategic design course I taught at ESPM university Brazil.


The goal is to open their minds to new and creative possibilities through design thinking methods.

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